Police interrupt a Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting In St. Petersburg Russia

October 13th

By Queruvim

Police officers did not present any documents and broke into a Kingdom Hall in St. Petersburg. They accused Jehovah’s Witnesses of having committed a violation for practicing “illegal religious worship”. There was even interviewed children, passports data were copied and  Jehovah´s Witnesses had their  phones and tablets confiscated. Even the Bible was considered a problem. About 14 detainees were eventually taken to the police station. The police opened the voluntary contribution boxes where is the money donated by the Witnesses.( 5:26 in video) Detailed searches were conducted even on the roof of the Kingdom Hall. Jehovah’s Witnesses were prohibited from making calls at the time of the search.


some days ago:

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  • Alexandre  On 16 out 2016 at 18:18

    Eu não entendi nada, quem ta pulando a janela no terceiro vídeo e porque, quem é quem, qual o motivo dessa bagunça…